10 ways to read more, consume more books

4 months ago

Read more books in the same amount of time.

I am going to slip into the simplest of things, we are in November 2017.

Not more than 40 days left for the year to end, 2018 to start and oh like all our resolutions, the amount of book we pledged to read this year.

Yeah, let’s all of us just laugh out loud and think about our life choices once again, who else just wants to go to Goodreads and reduce the number of books you will read this year. I sure did not reduce it from 75 to 50. Uh-huh. You can go stalk me if you want. 😛

For people who are here and didn’t go stalking me yet, thank you.

This blog post is to help people like me who are in crisis as to how to read faster and more and at least try to reach a bare minimum of a number of books we pledged.

Common we have all been there, nothing to be ashamed of, maybe a little, but it’s A-OKAY. If you enjoyed the time with the books that you read even if you read one, my friend you are doing great.

For people who want to read more and more and make most of the time, hit the goal here we are 10 things I do which helps me read faster and more books.

1. Keep those goals to yourself and do not stress about it.

A lot of people will ask you to make a public commitment which will help you reach your goal but I would suggest the exact opposite to you.

You ask why? 

Well, from my own personal experience when last year I told people that I will be reading a total of 200 books this year – three things happened.

  • They told me, I was being ridiculous.
  • The freaked out more than I did.
  • They were awestruck at how dedicated I am- which is the best reaction out of the three which followed with oh stop being ridiculous.

By the way, I couldn’t make that goal, I read around 80+ books and I am okay with it. I even went to Goodreads to change it to 75 because who wants an incomplete challenge?

Life kept interfering at the time I wanted to just relax and read but the other reason was also that I stopped enjoying reading books but put on a pressure on myself, the pressure of reading a book in 2 days and it kind of sucked.

I didn’t enjoy most of my time reading and just stressed about how I am just losing time and getting now reading done and hence this year, I chose not to stress and rather enjoy the books I read and I got more reading than I have ever done in my lifetime.

Do this and notice the difference in the next 40 days. xD

2. Read books that you actually enjoy and not books that you have to read because well they are good literature.

This piggybacks on the previous point/ statement/ trick whatever you would want to call it.

But when you read books that you actually want to read, you’ll find it more difficult to put it down or you are not dreading your reading time. I know I was when I was reading The Book Thief (I am not saying it is a bad book or something you shouldn’t read- I am just saying I didn’t enjoy it as much), I used to dread reading that book and it didn’t only take me weeks to finish it but I also lagged.

Moral of the story, pick up the author that intrigues you, whose books you like, whose books you would rather read and you do not be ashamed of it AT ALL.

Nobody cares if you like 50 Shades of Grey or Chetan Bhagat or Jane Austen or P.G. Wodehouse. Trust me on this.



They are distractions which are not worth the kind of imagination, the feelings, the stories you are missing on.

Well, I think maybe a little Netflix has Stranger Things but that is beside the point. I wouldn’t ask you to boycott them and be like, “Hey now we are just going to read”.


By aborting I mean dedicate some amount of time and when you read keep these two as far as possible from your reach.

If you are reading in your bedroom leave your mobile on a table somewhere and laptop in another room because this will keep you off of all your distractions and you could read in peace.

4. Read before you sleep, give yourself a goal


This one is my favorite of all times and the easiest habit to add to your routine.  If you make it a point to read right before you go to bed, you will not only read more but you’ll also sleep better. You will and you will also get all those theories and ideas as to what will happen in that book as a dream, I kid you not.

Also if you could just allow yourself and say I am going to read 50 pages tonight, place your bookmark on that page and read until then. It helps a LOT.

5. Keep a book in hand? Nah, I would say equip yourself with a dozen.

Book in a hand is always a good thing, you are always with a friend and never lonely, also keeping books at disposal helps you read more.

I keep audiobook, Kindle, mobile and a physical book with me at all times because you don’t know what will happen when!

People’s concern with this is if they will mix up the characters and the story- I say no.

What I generally do is- I try mixing up different genres like contemporary, mystery, fantasy, romance, nonfiction and go through with the books with whatever suits the moment, the time and my mood at that point. The key is to mix it all up and make the most of it.

It not only helps you read more but also you finish more books simultaneously.

This strategy may not work for everyone, but there is no harm trying it.


6. It’s okay to quit books.

I’m sure you’ve been halfway through a book and asked yourself, “Why am I reading this?” The don’t.

This point is also quite similar to my second point if a book doesn’t appeal you, if it isn’t able to intrigue you as much, you can leave it, start another book.

It happens to the best of us.

But instead of trying to power through a book that you’re not enjoying or finding useful you should just put it down and start reading something else.

If you really want to read that book keep it for later, maybe try another way of reading it- maybe get a audiobook or read it along a buddy but right now just stop and get yourself comfortable with another book, because the more you are trying to power through it, the more time you are loosing.

7. Reward yourself.


8. Don’t force yourself to read but rather give yourself a timeline.

We have all been there, forcing yourself to stay up all night, doing readathons and what not.

Don’t do it if you can’t do it.

Rather say okay today I can read 10 pages or 20 or how so ever many and read those, if you force yourself into reading as much, boy I fear the thing that we all dread- the thing which should not be named will happen…(sshhh….THE READING SLUMP)

Also. Read in sprints, it helps.

9. We all like big books but sometimes the satisfaction of reading smaller books hits hard.


It’s true finishing a book itself is a satisfaction and the more books you finish the more confident you feel and sometimes you get stuck in those big books for months and forget the feeling of starting afresh.

Hence, maybe, maybe sometimes you could switch and get yourself smaller books to read.

You are in luck- I have already made a list of book recommendations(Click/ tap on it) for you to start reading them ASAP.

10. Find those moments and make the most of them.

There are a lot of moments, a lot of time that we have in our day that we waste away and could be used for reading, such as pooping, sitting idle, waiting for someone at the coffee shop or lunch or you know moments like these.

Moments like these are best to open up your book and read away those pages- it might be one or two but it helps.

That’s all for today. Let me know if any of these help you also if you have any other tips/ tricks or suggestions. 


Mridu <3



  1. Anonymous Where are the list of your book recs? Reply 4 months ago

    • Mridu If you tap on the recommendation word itself the page will redirect you to recommendation page but I am also linking down the recommendation page for you. Here is the link. http://storypals.net/7-book-recommendations-small-yet-stories-to-live-for/ Thank you xx Reply 4 months ago

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