Hi, Hello, Heya, Hey! 😀

We see our page struck a little fancy to you and you wanted to know more about us (yelling inside- also takes a moment to dance around the room- okay back to who we are?)

Our philosophy is simple- we are all stories, big, small, spoken, unspoken, heard or unheard of and we love to talk about them. (More like discuss 24×7)

Now that we have discussed the motive of our page, which is to talk, discuss, and talk a lot more about stories. What else goes on About us page? Oh yeah – Who are ‘we’?

One day I, Mridu (Mridu Agarwal), was feeling a little blue because of all those unknown reasons we girls are upset about (still trying to figure out those, help me if you can). I impulsively decided to do what I do best, talk about stories, be it books, films, series, comics, podcasts, people anything, which led me here, to this blog cum website. So I am impulsive, rash, I have a lot of things going on in my head yet I talk minimal, type (write) a lot more, I am known to be quite aggressive but I am the most adorable person walked on the face of the earth! 😉 Not kidding, seriously, believe me when I say this (do not listen to anyone, otherwise, or I kill you 🙂 ) Professionally, I am a communication designer specializing in film and animation also graphics. I love to bake. Click pictures (one frame story), I love dogs. And I think that’s all you should know about me.

Let me now introduce you to people who appreciate my impulsive decisions and are helping me out in keeping this dream(yes it is one, right now) alive. 😉 (God bless us all with people like them in our lives, I am blessed <3)

Tanvi Shivam: My little sister. I would like to say that we are quite alike, only she is a better person. She is amazing. She reads quite furiously and has been known to swallow whole books in a day or two (not lying, I have seen that happen before my eyes). She wants to be an illustrator (for now that is, but I am sure whatever she chooses she will do great. My kid works really hard) and one day for sure she will be famous, just you wait. Write this name down, you will know her, I am telling you. She loves fantasy, romance, anything actually, we are both genre hoppers so yeah, there is that.

Tania Deep: I don’t know how to even describe her, she has been mentor, my friend, my family, even my girl crush (I am going public about it- by the way, if you have known her personally,  I bet you had a crush on her, she is great, she is awesome, she is the reason I got fully into stories, be it series, books or anything story. Yeah, so she can read/ watch/talk any story. I think you should know only that about her- I do not want people falling for her just right now. 😛

Namita Khuntia: My best friend, my soul mate. She is quite the opposite of me, a hopeless romantic, the calmest and composed person I know and someone who can just take over this world, she is such an amazing, such a beautiful soul! She is into sales and marketing and finds times in between for books, films, and stories. As I have mentioned before she is a hopeless romantic, she prefers a happy ending, love, and rainbows but also she is kind of a badass on the side (Yeah that comes from being in sales).

Piya Seth: Piya, I would also like to add, Supreme Court, Ruler of all, Queen, and words that are synonyms to those words. Try using that to call and she will respond, I kid you not. She is one of those people whom you go to for life advice, she is that good. Well, her take on ruling this life is to make people rule it along with her, she is helping in building a better future for a better generation, she is a teacher by her job description but really she is more than just that. Her reading choices are more on the practical side. Yeah, she knows what she is doing and she is pretty good with that!

Ishaan Agrawal: Well, to be honest, he isn’t someone who pushed me for this but someone I pushed to join me. Read his reviews you will know why 🙂

I have said this enough, and will go on saying it again – I am lucky.

So yeah, That’s who we are- StoryPals.

Be our pal, subscribe, share or just hang out. 🙂