Book Report: Deathly Hallows

3 weeks ago

Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows

I think my resolution of the year would be to stop whining about my job and just live by what it has to offer instead and work my ass off here with all my readers and pals!

Hi, How are you guys? I have bee avoiding writing/ reading books and just when it hit me- I ONLY READ 57 books, I was shattered. (Trust me it isn’t a lot, at least not to the number of books I purchased this year.)

Anywho. Here today we are talking about Deathly Hallows which I read 2 months back. I AM WAAYYYY TOO SLOWWW.

I am a snail and I have got to recollect my thoughts as to talk about the book not that people don’t know what the book is, or have read reviews about it already? haha!

It is taken for granted that everyone and anyone know about Harry Potter and people who don’t like Harry Potter- well, I don’t want to know you, people.

Oh– I am a Slytherin– So you know if you disagree with me or anything else…….I don’t want to put it into words but BAD Things can happen.

Wheeeeeere do I even start with this? WHERE.

Controversial statement. I love this book, I do. I love Harry Potter but I didn’t like this book as much as Goblet of fire. Even though it has more of Dumbledore, one person we all want to know more about. Yet.

I kind of have some issues, not a lot but some- I gave it 5 stars, clearly, those issues aren’t a big deal. xD But because I am not going to stop whining until I speak of


I just like to be dramatic with my headlines.


The pacing is ridiculous. Seriously, it was like oh now that we don’t have any homework and Draco bothering us with his petty issues, we will create some random problems and misleading adventures. NOT FUN, I was bored. I wanted to kill Voldemort in the first 5 pages itself. Yeah and then I would have cribbed about how small the book was.

Maybe it’s not the author’s fault at all, maybe it’s me, maybe’s that’s who I am as a person!

No wait, the pacing was slow anyhow picks up fine and then we go on a roller coaster ride for our life.


Why are we the baddies always? yeah yeah, I know in the end Harry Potter defends us and all.. but has it changed anybody’s perception? Is there anyone from Slytherin who is good, who we consider good? Please do not talk about Snape to me. No. Other than that tell me! Tell me!

Am I wrong? Huh? Don’t call me a baddie- I will come and slit your throat off and then laugh like Bellatrix.


I encourage good characters, with good storylines, with back stories with so much detail that we are able to have theories and all that. BUT, DUMBLEDORE? OH, MY GOD? You really can’t tell anything about him, do you? We respect him and all but do we really know him? Harry wasn’t alone in all of this, I was there with him too and I felt bad about all of it.

I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT DUMBLEDORE, his life, his work, his secrets. That is one thing which wasn’t given to us properly and it bugs me as well as intrigues me, SO SO SO VERY MUCH.

I will appreciate if I am given 10 volumes on Dumbledore asap. Thank you very much.


I wish and hope we had more of the twins.

More of Ginny.

More of Luna.

More of Neville.

Actually, more of other characters because they deserve it.

(Low key demanding more pages in the book) 


After book 5, Harry is so grumpy all the time, UUGGHHH- I dislike him more than Ron at times, Jesus.

Anywho he is back to his normal self towards the end. I would have died if you wouldn’t have.



Character developments? Oh my god.

The plot twist?

It’s clever.

The revelations, the build it’s clever, honest and beautiful.

The deceit–

And by that I mean the characters, the story the way J.K. Rowling wants us to think but then parallelly show goes like peek-a-boo.

I was in awe of that.

The intricate story building

Who can build a world like that? Characters in depth like that? With not only just back stories but family history, place history and what not, we have everything (except Dumbledore and I are sure she has a lot of stories there to tell us).

Clearly, a lot of time, effort and patience have gone in and I applaud it.

The characters are gorgeous- each one of them deserves a book for themselves.

Don’t you agree? We know so many of them and we know them as f we met them, that’s how brilliantly it is done.

I am a sadist- but the deaths <3- they are bold and good.

I have read books, great books.

What I have noticed is- until and unless we see death, we really do not appreciate the fight, the support and hard work we have put in. Until and unless we are made to think of what we have lost, it feels pointless. (Wow, I sound like a schmuck.) But don’t you agree? If everyone lived, every good character- what was even the point?

And.. that’s all. Can there be something else to talk about?

Everything is great, everything is awesome, everything makes sense. Only thing is I want more of this comforting world (It’s weird because in all the stories we are losing someone or the another and yet we find love, peace and comfort here.)

Let me know your thoughts and feelings in the comments down below.
Buy Harry Potter, here.

Which part is your favourite? Which scene is your favourite? Which character is your favourite?

Rating- 5/5 stars.


Mridu <3


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