Book Report: The Adventures of Inchy Slim By Adreesh Chakrobarty

2 weeks ago

The Adventures of Inchy Slim

The Adventures of Inchy Slim is fun, simple and a book you would love to read with a cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Fun Fact — Not related to the book or anything but still: I was reading this book in my office because that’s what designers do when they have zero inspiration and the desire to procrastinate. Anywho, my boss, now ex-boss (life update- I left my job to pursue my dreams– this book might or might not have anything to do with it) walked on me reading this book. He didn’t say anything rather he looked at the book read the author’s name and was like oh I know this guy!

Yeah, that’s all.

The thing to take away from this – The world is too small.

Anyway, going back to business — what is the book about?

What is The Adventures of Inchy Slim all about?


It is a coming of age story of 4 boys growing up in the 90’s in Kolkata. The story is a fictional retelling of the author’s childhood adventures and experiences while trying to discover himself and his identity. The protagonist Inchy Slim and his friends – Clumsy, CalC, and Tomato get themselves in and out of trouble while dealing with teachers, bullies, sadhus, and a local goon.

The story is inspired by author’s childhood adventures and experiences while trying to discover himself and his identity, and includes an assembly of characters including angry teachers, drug-peddlers, sadhus, and even the local goon.
The story unfolds against the backdrop of a complex colonial city; from its grand architecture, old wooden buses and missionary schools to the fears, expectations and aspirations of its people.

My review of The Adventures of Inchy Slim.

I want to keep my review short and sweet just like the book. So here it goes.

What I liked about The Adventures of Inchy Slim

I mostly watch/ read American values and childhood so much that I hampered my memory of childhood and school life with what happens in the US. This book was a refreshment though, in my childhood, there wasn’t any alcohol involved xD.

What I really really liked about this book was the stories were just so raw and real, they were those anecdotes that you share/ discuss over lunch or tea/ coffee time. They are the stories, those events which form life, those moments. And as we hop on to all the adventures, we also see the dreams, the aspirations, the wistful visions of teenage boys.

Inchy and his friends are fun, lovable, heartfelt, it felt as if I knew the cool gang and I was a part of their adventures, the ending made it perfect. It leaves you with hope and awe.

However, some adventures seemed a bit too much for me be it alcohol or other things, maybe because my childhood was plain & simple and I am a little bit envious, but if you look past it, you will really really enjoy this book!


P.S. The book cover is just so beautiful! Beautifully illustrated by the author itself.

Rating- 4/5 stars

Buy the book here.

Thank you Adreesh for sending this book over to me! Thank you for sharing your adventures with me.



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