Episode Report: Pollywog, Stranger Things Season 2

4 months ago

Stranger Things

After watching chapter one: MADMAX and chapter two: Trick or treat, Freak, Stranger things, this is where the things started picking off, or that’s what I felt.

It sure started slow putting in pieces and building up the story that has to be told but the last 10 minutes of this episode really got me going. Like woah, how did that happen?

Actually we kind of see how that happen that is beside the point.

The questions have been answered and more questions are bubbling inside of me and I cannot wait to talk about them, all the creepy vibes come in here. Ah, I wish I saw it back in October near Halloween, could have given me all the feels that I lacked this year.


It sure is getting difficult to even go without hitting the next episode button but I want these blog posts to be pure with the story. Slowly and steady, here we go.

Highlighting the points we already know, the answers that have been given to us, the question that still remains.

  • Nancy’s grief over Barb causes a rift in her relationship with Steve, stronger with Jonathan? I don’t even know who I ship now.
  • The pumpkins are still rotting and it’s getting worse.
  • Max joins the group, much to Mike’s chagrin. Well obviously he doesn’t want anyone to take El’s place but Mike thing about Dustin and his pearls.
  • We know how Eleven and Chief Hopper met, I am loving where this is going.
  • Will’s Upside Down visions are getting worse and oh we get so much more in this episode.
  • That last scene with dustbin making noises we see a new creature.

What we still don’t know.

  • I need more of Kali, Jesus I have been mostly looking out for her.
  • More on Dr. Owens- you do not seem right to me at all.
  • Bob- I like you but I don’t like you.

I am kind of changing the format to this because I don’t as many questions this time but more of discussions and connecting the dots. 

Walk-through the episode

A NEW PET- Pollywog?

The actor who plays Dustin is so cute that even when he is doing something wrong I just want to go and pull his cheeks apart!

Stop being cute Dustin, because by saving his life and feeding this creature Nougat is going to cost you and my other lovely fellow cast members their life or so I feel.

Dustin’s makes friends with what he sees is a tadpole of sorts.

But this pollywog isn’t a recognizable species, later in his discussion with his gang members he thinks of it as his discovery and believing he made a new friend with this baby trash monster, Dustin gave it a home in his room, fed it some Three Musketeers bars and even named the thing: D’Artagnan. The name could be as dangerous as it could sound and hard for me to even pronounce. 😐

I don’t even see how Dustin finds this little guy cute? He even hides him from his friends- why are you doing this Dustin, you have got to stay cute, also don’t die.

Eleven breaks all the rules because friends don’t lie.

I am glad we are getting more on how Hopper met Eleven and how their relationship is going to be, however, Eleven wants to go out and break the “Don’t be stupid- rules” because his friend has been lying for more than 300 days now.

We’re given a flashback to Eleven’s first day at her new home.

Not only do we learn that the cabin was Hopper’s grandfather’s place, we’re given a brief glimpse of a box Hopper is quick to move out of sight.

The name Sarah is written on it, alluding to Hopper’s late daughter.

Is he replacing Sara with Eleven?

But the part I liked and also quite disliked was where Hopper sets three ground rules for Eleven to follow.

  • Always keep the curtains drawn, not letting any light in.
  • Only open the door if Hopper gives the secret knock.
  • Don’t ever go out alone, especially not in the daylight.

We see Eleven breaking all the rules and leaving to go find Mike in his school.

In school, we see, Mike and his gang looking for D’Artagnan.

Mike and Max are on the basketball court with Max where she is pressing him on why he hates her.

For Mike, the explanation is simple. There’s no room for her in their group.

Eleven watches both of them from the door, where Max is skating/ circling Mike like a vulture (sorry not sorry- I don’t know if I can trust her yet.) on her skateboard, jealous, she uses her ability to make Max fall to which Mike feels like Eleven is there and when he goes out looking for her she disappears before Mike can find her.

What I feel here is because by the end of the episode what happens to Will is the reason why Eleven escapes, she is here to save him! I know it.

Joyce connects the dots

Well, one thing right has been done by Bob, still don’t like him though. As he enjoys his lunch with Joyce, he shares with her his unpopular school days where it seems that Bob was the stereotypical nerd. He was picked on constantly and never really stood up for himself, causing him to be a consistent outcast in his school. For that reason alone, he feels it’s important to bond with Will. That’s when he shares with Joyce the condition of the JVC camera after Will returned and talks about how the boys were picking on him.


Through the static of the TV, she sees an outline of the shadow monster Will has been haunted by.

She traces a rough image of it and finds her drawing is a perfect match with Will’s.

From this information, Joyce goes back home to go and see the footage but instead of finding the bullies she connects the dots with a drawing that will be made.

As soon as she finds out about this she calls in the school only to discover the AV club was canceled and she races to her car and speeds off toward the school.

Everyone is headed to school, yay something big is going to happen!

I somehow feel Bob is helping the family realize something but is also giving out really really terrible advice, more on that in the last pointer. 

Hopper is working his case off- Rotten pumpkins? Dr. Owens? Is the laboratory leaking?

We all know about the rotting pumpkins to which I have been constantly saying it is wrong and something is not right. Now in this episode, we get to know it is spreading all over the city, in fact, there’s some gross slime covering the bark of the trees and Hopper decides it’s time to get to the bottom of things.

Mapping out the locations where the rotting has happened, Hopper finds Hawkins Laboratory lies right smack dab in the epicenter of all the activity.

He visits him and tells Dr. Owens that grass, crops, and trees are all dying within a three-mile radius. The phenomena, quite predictably, leads the Sheriff right to Owens’ office.

“Whatever is happening is spreading from this lab,” Hopper explains. Dr. Owens tells Hopper it’s impossible, that the last burn was two days ago. This statement explains what that lab employee in the hazmat suit was setting fire to. Owens insists the threat is contained but Hopper needs more than that.

“I keep things nice and quiet for you and you keep your shit out of my town,” he tells Dr. Owens. “That is the deal. I’ve done my part. Now you do yours. Convince me.”

Hopper doesn’t trust this guy, he is trouble! Fight him already!! You know this ain’t going away!

Nancy and Jonathan, have a plan/ trap or they going to get trapped?

We have seen Nancy struggling through with what had happened with Barb and her relationship with Steve.

We see her talking to Jonathan about the same and they come up with a plan which somehow doesn’t look good, they talk about the place where Bob works, the radio shack.

The device a plan that we are not told off but they do call Barb’s mother asking her to meet them, in the other cut we see someone tracking that phone call.

Ah, how the story is building up into something so great! I love it.

Bob gives the worst advice ever and I hate him even more!

Coming to what leaves you on the cliffhanger, the last and the very important thing that happens in this episode.

Will finds Dart cornered in the bathroom and after he lets the boys on the walkie talkie, the creature screams, prompting another Upside Down interlude for Will. Now I know for sure that he isn’t slipping but is seeing the alternate universe while he is in the real world or so we call it.

Coming back to what happened, He tries to make sense of his surroundings and is immediately pursued by my good-looking monster. xD

Can you blame me? Anyway, I did not like what he did to Will here so, yeah he is the bad guy if that wasn’t obvious enough yet.

After running from it, Will decides to take Bob’s advice. YOU STUPID BOB.

Will stops running as he hits the football field and stands his ground to face the monster and shouts back at him YOU NEED TO GO AWAY but what happens?

After a beat, the good-looking monster’s smoke-like tendrils begin to enter the boy through his nose, ears, and mouth.

Exorcism went wrong. 

And that’s where the episode ends.


Wrapping up

The story has been built, the characters have been set out.

I don’t think from now the episodes will go easy on, a lot of questions are going to come and a lot of answers are going to pour in too. Let’s see how it rolls in. What do you guys think about it?

So, I also went on youtube and found this GEM. Hope you enjoy it.

Subscribe to their channel for more such trailers- (Screen Junkies) here. 


Hope you like this discussion now on to Chapter 4!


Mridu <3

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