Film Report: Annabelle: Creation

6 months ago
Annabelle: Creation is about the hideous doll, Annabelle, and is a prequel to a prequel to The Conjuring film series.
Annabelle (2014) was a critical failure and disappointed fans of the genre and the series itself. Annabelle: Creation, thankfully, comes in as a saving grace.
This film is focused mainly on how the doll came to be and eventually became a medium for the devil. The plotline is not amusing – a group of orphan girls is sent off to put up with the Mullins in their home where some terrible things had happened. Predictable, right? Well, it kind of is, but is well written and won’t let you down in terms of storytelling. The screenplay is also tight and the narrative holds its ground well. The cinematography is crisp and neatly edited sequences add to the visual experience.

David Sandberg has done a good job directing this film. It’s very well acted and the film had me invested in the well-developed characters. I also liked its unpretentious style of portrayal of the lore around the doll and how it’s been kept kept hidden away under lock and key.

Sandberg uses environment and visual imagery effectively to expedite the terrifying experiences the girls are going through. More often than not in horror films, filmmakers use loud outburst of noise as a way to scare the audience. This film, on the other hand, utilizes a rather subtle approach to that. It uses moments of silence with a feeble underscore to build up the tension. This works in its favor as it builds up the anticipation and enhances the moments of fear.
The best thing about this film isn’t that it tries something new. Instead, it does a really good job at recreating the tested formula. It has the traditional jump scares, frightening visuals, and a great sound design that help earn its spot in the list of good horror flicks.
Annabelle: Creation isn’t your stand out horror movie like say, The Conjuring was, but it might just surprise you with what it serves on your platter.
Rating – ***
Check out the trailer if you must.



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