Film Report: Deadpool 2

4 weeks ago

Deadpool 2

In an era dominated by franchises, only a couple of years back, Deadpool, due to its individuality, made a mark amongst a hoard of Superhero films. Its unexpected success left everyone in awe, as Ryan Reynolds’ passion project bore fruit.
Tim Miller made a distinct superhero film that aptly resembled its lead character as is in comics. The first installment was adored by fans and critics alike. And it’s needless to say, there was a lot riding on David Leitch’s shoulders as he took control of the director’s chair for this one.
Deadpool 2 wastes no time establishing the relentlessness it’s going to offer you. Ryan Reynolds reprises his role as Deadpool aka Wade Wilson – a role he owns now. We are introduced to some new characters eventually teaming up as X-Force, which leads to some hilarious incidents. Josh Brolin is fantastic as Cable, the time-traveling super soldier. With his performance as Thanos in Infinity War and this, he’s taken the first half of this year in his name.
Deadpool’s tongue-in-cheek humor is ever so evident. I sure couldn’t catch some referential jokes but they mostly land in place. The one-liners fly away so quickly that by the time you can make sense of the first, they throw another one at you. This for sure is a very funny film if you have a taste for this sort of jocularity.
The action in this sequel is more violent, gory, and gruesome. The filmmakers have thoroughly used the R-rating serving you broken, mashed, severed body parts, and a dose of filthy humor. Action sequences are very well designed – choreography is good but the scenes with Domino deserve a special mention. CGI looks good on Colossus but Juggernaut looked a bit Jell-O, it was pretty decent overall.
Deadpool 2 builds almost on the first’s formula but it only gets better. Though the meat of the movie is in the second half, it is very entertaining throughout.

Rating – ***.5

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