Film Report: Infinity War

Ishaan Agrawal

Infinity War

Spinning an 18-movie web for the MCU fans to entangle over the last 10 years, Infinity War is certainly the big daddy of all crossovers. The Russo brothers have handled parallel plot lines, a big ensemble cast, and balancing humor with gravitas, with panache. How did they pull it all off so well? It’s unfathomable to me, but the result is here for us all to enjoy.

This one is a very peculiar film that fixes its feet firmly into the hall of the best superhero films ever made. The action sequences are fresh, grand, and take place in locations that may just overwhelm you. So much happens in the film that forces you to a dare to take a blink and miss an awesome move. All this is neatly garnished with incredible VFX, especially the work done on Josh Brolin’s Mo-cap for Thanos.
The character interactions are a delight to watch and they’ve been carefully written to not deviate from the tones set for them in their previous ventures. There is an underlying tone of hopelessness yet, this is a very funny movie. The first half may feel a bit incoherent but all characters get screen time and some form of introductory action scenes. Likewise, even for Thanos, the film does not waste a moment establishing his merciless dominance.
Speaking more about the limelight of the film – its villain, Thanos. He is one badass super being, the only one capable enough to wield all 6 infinity stones. He is a brilliant character with clear intentions and motivations for genocide. His conviction to restore balance in the universe is unprecedented and his delusion makes him ever so ruthless. He’s a character with whom you can empathize despite his wrong-doings. It is essentially his movie that happens to feature The Avengers and The Guardians.
Considering the continuity Marvel helms, by the time it ends, it feels like a grand season finale of a blockbuster TV series. But if you look at it as one single film, it also feels conclusive, which is perplexing. The end of this movie will leave you with a bag full of unanswered questions and your jaw dropped. The level of intrigue they’ve achieved here is marvel-lous; kudos, writers. The audience will agonize for a whole year to see what they do with these characters.
It is a must watch and I strongly believe it’ll get better with a second viewing; especially when we get to know the full story arc next year. This is the grand celebration MCU deserved.
PS: Infinity War experienced in IMAX will be totally worth your money.
Rating – ****.5
Watch the trailer here:

Rating – ****.5




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