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4 months ago

Ingrid Goes West

I didn’t know about this film or it’s existence or anything up until I saw a blog post which went on praising Ingrid Goes West, I wish I had saved the link because boy oh boy did it convince me to watch this one in the midst of a very busy weekend- where I missed watching stranger things season 2, now everyone is raving and raging and me- me? I haven’t seen one single episode.

Yes please go ahead and laugh at me.

However, this movie stars Aubrey Plaza (Park and Recreation fame- April) and Elizabeth Olsen (Avengers fame) and I thought it would be decent enough.

It was decent enough, not bad but kind of messed up with the ending and didn’t really give me any outcome- like what to do? Should I be on social media, should I not be on social media? Should I trust the fame? Should I rely on it?

That’s what it questions and then also leaves with the same without answering any of them, so I would say the irresponsible and problematic ending ruined the entire experience for me.

Watch the trailer here:

What Ingrid goes west is about?

Ingrid Goes West is the story of Ingrid Thorburn (Aubrey Plaza), a 20-something woman who, since the death of her mother, has been developing unhealthy and one-sided obsessions with Instagram personalities. (Haven’t we all? We are all obsessed with someone or the other on Instagram or of-course stalked them to an extent where we thought we know them well. I HAVE, I AM A STALKER.)

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My thoughts on Ingrid goes west.

I would be lying if I say I did not enjoy the film. I did, I loved it which is why the rating is actually higher than it deserves, but I enjoyed the film not because what the story is giving out but the actors and the characters portrayed by them. If you watch this film just for comedy sake, you will have a good time but nothing more. It is more of dark humor.

Let’s discuss the problematic area- the one I completely disagree with.


The second-last scene of the movie has Ingrid recording a suicide video to her followers expressing that she knows she’s sick but doesn’t know how to help herself before swallowing a bottle of pills. She falls asleep and when she wakes, she’s in the hospital and it’s revealed to her that someone saw her video and called 911 in time to save her life. She then also finds out that her naked exposure of her true self-made her a viral hit and gained her thousands of new followers who leave words of encouragement for her.– I KNOW RIGHT?

What was the point of this film all along? Weren’t we fighting against social media? Against social media to not tell us our self-worth? That a number of followers, likes and comments do not define a good life, or a good person- wasn’t that what the last dialogue with Taylor (Elizabeth Olsen) was all about?

Now I am not saying that the suicide would have been a better ending- it would have been worse because what do you get out of this? No help? No hope?

Some might even contradict because, in theory, this sounds like a pretty happy ending, and I’m sure that’s what co-writers Matt Spicer and David Brandon Smith intended. They intended for a happy ending and giving hope to the audience, for something to look forward to- but it kinda puts me off, A lot of people might take this negatively and be like okay so maybe I need to go ahead and suicide to increase that follower count, that’s when people will realise my self-worth- something what 13 reasons why does to but the show also helps you understand the character in depth- something which we should discuss later.

Ending the story on the note where she is accepted by the audience and loved on social media is highly problematic and very obviously implies that Ingrid now sees her mental illness not as something for which to seek help, but as a tool with which to entertain her fans. It also implies that whatever Ingrid does, all the mistakes and the illness she is suffering from is okay people are still going to send in good wishes for whatever she does. That addiction is not taken care of, this only makes it worse. PLEASE DO NOT PROMOTE THIS IDEA, instead bring in some love, love in other form and not just social media for god’s sake.

As I have already mentioned I enjoyed the film up until to the point where they didn’t know how to deal with the problem.

The acting by the actors was just amazing and if you do go ahead and watch this film, watch it for the actors.

DO NOT TAKE AWAY anything from what this film gives you, watch it for just pure entertainment.

Rating – 3.5/5 stars


Mridu <3

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