Film Report: Justice League

3 months ago

Justice League

Ever since Warner Bros. and DC ventured into the Superhero territory with Man Of Steel, they’ve been subject to scrutiny. Serving half cooked dishes had been their forte, up until Wonder Woman, which was a brilliant film in itself. There is a lot riding on Justice League, as it introduces 3 new characters and unites them together.
Justice League is a CGI extravaganza, as is seemingly obvious from it’s whopping 300 million budget. It is a visually appealing film – a treat for the eyes, undoubtedly. As we all know, they had to digitally remove Superman’s mustache for the reshot parts and you can see something’s odd there. It looks a little funny when you notice but isn’t too obvious.
I have a thing against the short run time of Justice League. See, even after having all their characters standing strong with their individual ventures, Marvel gave the Avengers a run time of 143 minutes. DC and WB, on the other hand, kept the run time of Justice League to a bare minimum 120 mins when they had 3 new characters to introduce. WHY? The character development undercuts are quite evident. I’m hoping there’ll be a Director’s cut. There could have been more character confrontations and conflicts. But it doesn’t take anything away from the film.
The thing that works best for the film is the casting – its bang on. Having seen The Flash’s TV series, I was skeptical if Ezra Miller’s would work. But it did. He’s a young, funny person, and is absolutely likable. Jason Momoa’s Aquaman is a departure from the source material but works well. The brooding Batfleck has evolved from his last outing and Gal Gadot shines again as Wonder Woman. Surprisingly, Ray Fisher is good as Cyborg, too, but the characterization is a little dull. The CGI work on Cyborg seems a little too flashy and that gets distracting.
The storyline is nothing to write home about but the screenplay manages to hold its loose strings together. The weakest point of the film is its uninspiring CGI villain, Steppenwolf. He’s an underdeveloped character, serving just the purpose of bringing the heroes together. The tone of this DCEU film has been kept lighter this time making it an easy watch. This is not a typical Zack Snyder film and has Joss Whedon’s fingerprints spread across. The action sequences are very exciting. But, mostly in pieces. All of the characters have their moments and they are brilliant. It’s a lot that I can write, but let’s not spoil the fun. There are some exhilarating sequences with Superman, too. This is probably the most intense version of him till now.
I don’t understand why the critics ridicule these DCEU films so much. Yes, Suicide Squad was a menace but that cannot be the criteria for judging the other films coming out of this stable. Justice League stands strong and is a step in the right direction for DCEU. Though the heroes finally come together, it still leaves you a little dissatisfied.
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Rating – ***.5

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