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Padmaavat – one of the most controversial films in the recent times, delivers!

Based on a self-named Sufi poem, Padmaavat has SLB’s flavour and interpretation blended in, and that’s what led to its scrutiny. There might have been scenes deleted from the original cut but then, this end product should make Rajputs proud.

But mind you, the controversies just fade away in comparison to the saga that unfolds on screen. It is about Alauddin Khilji’s obsession for the unattainable beauty, Rani Padmavati, as he’s told.

Padmaavat is a very well-acted movie. Shahid looks amazing as the ruler of Mewar, brimming with Rajput pride and Deepika looks mesmerizing as the most beautiful woman there is. Jim Sarbh is a neat addition, too. His master-slave chemistry with Ranveer is gold. Except for Khilji, there does not seem to be enough emphasis put on the other characters. Ranveer looks menacing in his role and steals away every scene he’s in. Shahid does not get enough material to work with but he speaks loads with his poise. Rani Padmavati’s character gets to drive the story forward but that’s mostly towards the end.

The screenplay does just a good enough job to not let the whole thing fall apart, as the story doesn’t bring a lot to the table. The dialogues, on the other hand, are pretty well written. There are some impressive dialogues tastefully delivered. The music elevates the mood of the film and the fight choreography is well done, too. It has undertones of Troy meets Bajirao Mastani.

Editing is one department where I feel they could have worked more. Clocking in at about 160 mins, it feels dragged. SLB often tries to savour the audience with scintillating imagery but that’s just about it. There are no plot twists that would leave you intrigued, instead, it builds its narrative on the rather linear storyline.
With Padmaavat, Sanjay Leela Bhansali is once again successful in recreating a tragic tale of obsession, valour, and pride but his magic is somewhere missing. It is a visually appealing cinematic experience and definitely deserves a watch.

Rating – ***.5

For all our international readers, you have got to watch the trailer. Do it here:



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