Film Report: Pari

3 weeks ago


Pari. The day the teaser came out I knew I would love this film.

I still remember I was casually browsing my Instagram when Anushka Sharma posted the teaser poster, ah that day. Such a beautiful rainy day it was, I met my Pari, my fairy. xD

To be clear, Pari is definitely up from all the horror films Bollywood generally produces, it was so much more than just sex. I still haven’t understood how horror and sex go in together and how Bollywood started marketing it like that genre.

Anyway. My dad once asked me if there is any horror film where there is an actual story to tell. I am glad that I will be able to add this film to the list where horror film is not just there to scare you but have some story to tell which is unique and fresh.

Yes, it kind of messed up by the end but this is definitely a good start.

What is Pari All about?


Writing a synopsis for a horror flick is just taking away the meat from the story. Hence keeping it vague is what you are going to do here.

Pari is a supernatural horror film in which a man attempts to help a woman named Ruksana, an abuse victim, who he found chained up in a hut.

I would recommend all to watch it’s trailer instead.

Pari Review.


Let me put it all in bullet points as to why one should definitely watch this film.

  • Bollywood finally explored the horror genre to its potential.
  • The storyline is brilliant. Yes, the writing drags the film in between but the brilliant performances of each and every actor make it all worth it.
  • The background score is amazing- it is unusual, it is not Bollywood like– and you know how any background score makes or breaks a film for me, it worked so well here.
  • The film needs to be consumed as an art piece and anyone who doesn’t appreciate it will not be able to appreciate the film. So yes, it is not for the mass– and yet here I am trying to convince you to watch this film.
  • Scares you well, makes you laugh too.
  • The setting of the film is beautiful, rainy, wet Kolkata. Ah, Bliss, which makes all the scenic shots even more beautiful.
  • There’s plenty of interesting stuff happening in the head of the filmmaker, which you can see with the way he is trying to tell you the story, he takes his time in going forward with the story, there’s a compelling character at the centre, a woman trying to grapple with the split within herself (and Anushka Sharma does well with role); then there’s the obfuscation of the duality between the good and the bad–that there’s the possibility of humaneness in the devil and the humane may at times veer towards the devil.
  • The complexity and vastness of the characters are what I enjoyed the most. It’s beautiful as to how humans are, but it is even more beautiful how love can change even the most inhumane thing.

All in all. The film is great with some melodramatic middle. The only thing I wish was different was the ending of the film. I just wish the filmmaker had left the ending more open-ended and unresolved…

Also, I wanted more of Anushka, I just couldn’t get enough of her. She was just so good.

I love you too.

Rating- 3.5/5 stars




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