Film Report: Thor Ragnarok

4 months ago

Thor: Ragnarok

I’ve got to say this – for me, Ant-Man was the funniest character in the MCU till now. But man, did Thor 3 just surprise me.
A lot happens with Thor in Ragnarok. His hammer, as an audience have already seen in the trailer, is destroyed in the very first meeting with Hela. And without his trusted weapon, we get to see the God of Thunder in a whole new avatar. He gets stranded on a garbage planet named Sakaar where he’s taken prisoner by the eccentric Grandmaster who melts people for fun and organizes fights between individuals from different realms. Thor comes across Hulk, his friend from ‘work’ and the banter between two makes for some of the best scenes.
Thor: Ragnarok without a doubt, is one of the funniest Marvel films. There is so much humor and quirkiness sprinkled all across the script that you probably will miss out on a few successive jokes. But that is a downside, too. Ragnarok is an event about the destruction of Asgard, so the stakes are definitely sky high here. But the script’s protruding funny bone kinda diminishes the gravity of it.
The style of filmmaking Marvel adapted for Thor 3 gives you indie vibes, which is unusual by MCU standards. The narrative has Taika Waititi’s footprints all over. It is loud with its action sequences and makes very good use of CGI. Hulk is particularly very well done here. It’s interesting to see how Marvel has managed to tie the Planet Hulk story arc into Ragnarok.
By now, Hemsworth, Ruffalo, and Hiddleston are so comfortable in their character skins that it’s needless to talk about. Valkyrie is a well-written character, too, along with Korg, and Heimdall, who plays an important role in keeping the Asgardian people alive. Cate Blanchett pulls off Hela with a panache and Jeff Goldblum is brilliant as well.
Also, I’m glad they actually used Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song in the movie. That too during an awesome action sequence when the God of Thunder is all electric, kicking some serious ass. Marvel even goes to the extent of spoofing their own films, that shows how Marvel has evolved over the years by not taking itself too seriously.
Thor: Ragnarok being the best so far, is also an overhaul that the Thor franchise needed. It is a complete entertainer serving you a plate full of dazzling action garnished with jocularity.
Watch the trailer here.

Rating – ****

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