All time favourite: Film Edition

Films are easier to watch but I kid you not when it comes on to make them in real life. I have studied film, I know 😛

The thing about films is we watch them, we enjoy the story and then we forget about them, there are only a few which leave a lasting impression on us, they are the ones we constantly talk about, do not mind watching bazillion times and yet enjoying them every single time. Also just by the way they are top few on the tip of our heads right now, the might change, the might not. 🙂

A list of the same:

Edward Scissorhands By Tim Burton

Oh my goodness, this film is everything. There is romance, love, weirdness, TIM BURTON. It just appreciates one who is different and we just LOVE LOVE it.

The salesman By Asghar Farhadi

A film so brilliant and yet ignored here, Of course. Please watch, it deserves the appreciation and recognition.

Your Name is Justine By Franco de Pena

Film on the similar lines like the one above, but yet so very different and this story needs to be watched!

Frozen By Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee

I mean common, Disney, Magic, family, what next to do you want to know about? If that isn’t enough, We have Olaf! Ah, this film is so GOOD!

Mary And Max By Adam Elliot

My obsession with Pen-pals (and the word pals) came from this film. This story is so pure and so warm, I don’t know why a lot of people haven’t heard of it? We recommend this film to anyone at sight! Please do yourself a favour and watch this film asap.

10 things I hate about you By Gil Junger

So much love <3 (Yeah that’s all I want to say about it)

Spirited away by Hayao Miyazaki

Realistic yet very wonderful, I don’t if you understand that – but that’s how the film is.

Comet By Sam Esmail

Like why are people not talking about this film? Such a beautiful story, the cinematography is A+, the screenplay was top class and actors were so freaking natural! I can still talk hours and hours about how wonderful the film is!

About Time By Richard Curtis

Choices, we are made of choices 🙂

The Intern By Nancy Meyers

We assure you, you will smile throughout the film.

PSSSSSST: Why you no click on the names to see their trailers refresh your memory? Or if you haven’t seen them yet, get intrigued buy the DVD or Netflix it? xD I mean DO IT.

P.S. people who have already seen it, you can Netflix it too, there isn’t any rule bruv!