Ongoing series

Series are a lot of work!

No seriously, you have to commit to the story, the characters and YOU STAY LOYAL to them. We do, which is why we watch a handful of series at a time. Below mentioned are a few series we are currently committed to and have a good relationship. Disloyalty and break ups are not something we preach 😛

We do look forward to adding a lot more on to this list.

(The list mentioned below are the ones we are currently watching – a lot of them have left us in awe and a lot of them we left because the relationship was just getting very complicated!

A lot of them are on the list also because they are returning series and we are rooting hard for them.)

Suits: I like Mike more than Harvey!

Game of Thrones: Well if this isn’t on the list, do not trust that person!



Black Mirror

The Big Bang Theory: Returning series, hello! We just can’t wait for the new one, SHELDON IS A+

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Oh well sometimes you just need that, also the acting, the plot, the characters are A game. OBSESSED

New girl: JUST AWWWWWWEEEE, we love you so so so much Zoey!

Stranger things: Finished it in 2 days, we are still dying for season 2 here. Where art thou?

13 reasons why: The book was great and I would take the privilege to say, the series was even better.

Modern Family: Describing in one word – HILLARIOUS

This is us: If you haven’t seen this yet, why tho?

End of the fucking world: Just started it

Big little lies


American Gods

Handmaids Tale

12 Monkeys

Santa Clarita


Bates Motel


Jane The Virgin

Lost in space

Young Sheldon



West World

Last Kingdom

Yeah, that is what we call handful! 🙂