Ongoing series

Series are a lot of work!

No seriously, you have to commit to the story, the characters and YOU STAY LOYAL to them. We do, which is why we watch a handful of series at a time. Below mentioned are a few series we are currently committed to and have a good relationship. Disloyalty and break ups are not something we preach 😛

We do look forward to adding a lot more on to this list.

(The list mentioned below are the ones we are currently watching – a lot of them have left us in awe and a lot of them we left because the relationship was just getting very complicated!

A lot of them are on the list also because they are returning series and we are rooting hard for them.)

Suits: I like Mike more than Harvey!

Game of Thrones: Well if this isn’t on the list, do not trust that person!



Black Mirror

The Big Bang Theory: Returning series, hello! We just can’t wait for the new one, SHELDON IS A+

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Oh well sometimes you just need that, also the acting, the plot, the characters are A game. OBSESSED

New girl: JUST AWWWWWWEEEE, we love you so so so much Zoey!

Stranger things: Finished it in 2 days, we are still dying for season 2 here. Where art thou?

13 reasons why: The book was great and I would take the privilege to say, the series was even better.

Modern Family: Describing in one word – HILLARIOUS

This is us: If you haven’t seen this yet, why tho?

End of the fucking world: Just started it

Big little lies


American Gods

Handmaids Tale

12 Monkeys

Santa Clarita


Bates Motel


Young Sheldon



West World

Last Kingdom

Yeah, that is what we call handful! 🙂