Film Report: Wonder Woman

Ishaan Agrawal
Rating – ***.5
Ever since its inception, DCEU has been walking the risky waters by delivering subpar films and disappointing critics and fans alike. MoS didn’t do any wonders, BvS garnered polarized (mostly negative) reviews, and Suicide Squad was a nail in the coffin. Wonder Woman is what DCEU desperately needed to revive their sinking ship in the superhero movie genre.
This movie has a concrete story around which the narrative is written pretty well. The thing that works most for Wonder Woman is the treatment gets. It is basically a good vs evil story but isn’t portrayed like that. Instead, this is more like Diana’s coming of age, fish out of the water story. She’s on the path of learning about herself and the world in parallel, which has been showcased in a rather refreshing manner.
The tight screenplay and the strong characterization is further complemented by the fabulous chemistry between the lead pair. Gal Gadot completely owns the role of Diana/Wonder Woman and does complete justice to it. She is determined yet naïve and represents the innocence and fierceness of Diana’s personality with a niche exuding a sense of empathy.
Wonder Woman does have the cynical Zack Snyder undertone but isn’t quite prominent. It also has this feel good factor that many superhero movies miss out on. The action sequences aren’t something to write home about but are very nicely executed. This film isn’t perfect and at the time has issues with the pacing. Action sequences get a little too CGI heavy towards the end but are handled well.
Patty Jenkins effectively delivers on the expectations and sets the benchmark for upcoming DCEU and other superhero films alike.
PS: You DO NOT have to sit through the end- credits.


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