Season Report: Stranger Things Season 2

1 month ago

Stranger Things

It’s because am I terrible person and I couldn’t help but watch all the episodes of Stranger things in one go.

Also, I am sorry that I disappeared completely without even leaving a hint of where I am.

I am sorry also not really sorry. I can’t think out loud about each and every episode and make fun of myself because oh my god those characters are so freaking good and I was wrong on so many levels! SO MANY FREAKING LEVELS.


For people who have just started watching it and would only like to read the first three chapters here it

Chapter 1: MADMAX

Chapter 2: Trick or Treat, Freak

Chapter 3: Pollywog

Now well let’s talk about the whole season altogether.


Highlighting my stupidity by first apologising to all the characters I thought were bad.

Sorry, Bob. You are the true hero.

I would say well done, I was a fool to not trust him. I would say the job was done by the character who plays Bob Newby, KUDOS. You proved yourself and I misinterpreted the charm you had in a negative light. What can I say? The most charming men are the ones who deceive us but then that heroic sacrifice! You will be loved more than Barb, trust me on that.

STEVE, I am sorry, I love you.

Steve Harrington shift from love rival to comic sidekick / bigger brother figure or what we are calling it a mother to the kids is just beautiful. The switch, the character development is so beautiful, I feel so sorry that I didn’t like him as much. Stranger things prove that all characters, all humans have the depth to them, you only need to look deeper.

Nancy doesn’t deserve you, Steve, just like Max doesn’t deserve Dustin.

Doctor- Well, sorry to you too.

But you did kind of deserve the ending, you brought this on to the characters we have come to love and the town we strive to save from the Upside Down.

Jonathan, you are becoming quite annoying.

I was rooting for you and what have you turned into?

I just hope they don’t make me regret saying this next season. 😛 With what happened with Steve you can never be too sure.

Everything good about Stranger things.

I would rather start by saying I wasn’t too impressed by the first three episodes. It was more like setting the base and the natural storyline. I wasn’t even impressed by the 7th episode where we leave Hawkins and go see eleven’s sister. Absolute disaster even though I wanted to know more about her, Kali. You were plain annoying.

But, the absolutely storming final two episodes are a superb blend of emotion, action and quiet character moments. Eleven walking in, saving everybody, Bob’s sacrifice, Geez.

The epilogue is heartwarming and you would want more of the series.


Now, this isn’t like a review but more like a discussion. Please feel free to add more key points and notes to the whole discussion.

My Theory and questions?

  • First of all, I would want to see where Papa at and how Mama is going to be in the next season.
  • I don’t want a follow up on Kali as that segment was the most annoying segment but it does feel like the story will lead on to that point only.
  • Somehow I feel my beautiful monster is like Barb, that is a stupid allegation but I do feel it that way. Mridu, you got to stop watching Bollywood films- it is giving you stupid notions and ideas. 
  • But what does the shadow monster want basically? The Upside Down has grown in scale as the show has progressed, so perhaps its overall goal is to merge the two dimensions. Will that happen? But Eleven closed it and we do see th end shot? Will it come back? I THINK SO.
  • Now that I feel there will be more of Kali, I would want to know are there more kids out there? are we going to see them?
  • Joyce and Hopper? 😛 I know you want it too? I mean.. Bollywood is taking over my life, SHUCKS.

That’s all for me, what do you think?

A follow-up quiz for all stranger things maniacs!! 😀 

Did I mention my obsession was so loud that my sister started watching stranger things? She of all people doesn’t care about anything and she cared way too much about Stranger Things, means something right?

Found some beautiful poster online– please help me give them the credit if you know who has done it. Sharing them down below.





Who is your favourite character? Favourite scene? Let’s talk!

Watch Season 1 trailer here

Watch Season 2 trailer here

Series Rating- Chuck Norris/ 5

Buy Stranger things merchandise here.


Mridu <3


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